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"A mash-up of Ready Player One, Lord of the Rings, and Indiana Jones!"

He entered the contest to win cash... 

Now millions could die.

Random gigs and ramen noodles... that's how out-of-shape gamer Terry survives the job-starved future of 2044. Until he's accepted into the Path of Relics tournament—the most anticipated virtual reality RPG event of the decade—where he has the chance to win some real loot.

But does he have a fighting chance against the world's top Active-VR athletes? Not to mention the ancient dungeons, puzzles, scorpion-wolves, and all-too-realistic NPCs the game world throws at him. And just how advanced is this "Portal Rig" that lets him physically experience the fantasy world as if he were transported there?

Worse, could his suspicions be true? Are the strange and deadly malfunctions plaguing Manhattan somehow triggered by Path of Relics? Now, outmatched and exhausted, can Terry's mysterious ability to level-up quickly and meager martial arts skills help him avert catastrophe in the real world?

You'll love this LitRPG Lite / Gamelit adventure because of its action, secrets, real-world stakes, and compelling weak-to-strong progression.

Lose yourself in a fantasy world of dead gods, lost civilizations, and forgotten lore, made possible by the advanced technology of 2044.


I'll update this section every so often so you'll know what I'm currently working on.

April 4th, 2024

It's been a while since my last update! Path of Relics: Dark Throne is still in revision. Here are the details...

I've completed draft 2, and I'm reading back through to make revision notes for draft 3. This should take a couple of weeks. Then, as I revise draft 3, I'll post finished chapters to my writing group for Alpha reader feedback. That will inform my next round of edits.

Draft 4 will be a mostly finished version, and the one I'll present to my Beta readers. After that comes any small changes needed and further polishing before publication.

Not as fast a pace as I wanted, and I'll likely write a post after publication detailing the break-downs in my process that caused delays. In any case, the novel is still slated for release this year.

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My story entry for the Short Fiction Break Summer 2020 Writing Contest, Dark Time, won the grand prize.

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