About D.J. LeJeune

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My books explore near and far future Science Fiction, blended with a dash of thriller and a lot of character. 

Colonization. Cyberpunk. Gamelit. LitRPG. Galactic Empire. Space Opera. Thriller. These are the genres that put a smile on my face. 


Dark Time (short) - Grand Prize: Short Fiction Break Summer 2020 Writing Contest

I live in Louisiana. Minored in creative writing in college, then spent a couple decades mentally critiquing books and movies. Finally, I upped the schedule on 'be a fiction author' from someday to now.

"What if" questions drive my writing. Wondering things like:

What would it be like to live in a dome on the Moon or a rotating space station?
How giddy would I feel stepping into a fully immersive virtual reality fantasy world?
How will Artificial Intelligence change what it means to be human? 
What would it be like to hop in my personal spaceship and fly to the other side of the galactic empire?

Let's find out where these questions lead together.  Sign up below for news on my latest stories. 

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