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Sometimes you just want to steal a starship for an off-world joy ride. 

Or solve a murder on a rotating space stationMaybe search for alien ruins on a beautiful ringed planet? 

But who has time for all that?

Unless you could experience each of those wonderful science fiction escapes and more for free in flash stories of 1000 words or less!

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A Taste of Your Awaiting Adventures

Cyberpunk Science Fiction City-Planet

The Jade Window

On the city-planet Vandis, it's a neon night of bar-hopping deep in the Trench 78 District. But can Farrid's friends stop him from confronting his ex-girlfriend?

Ancient Fantasy Library

Through Dusty Tomes Arise

Suzall's grandmother had said the magical words waited in Walharra's ancient library, but where among the forgotten pages did the passage hide?

A Science Fiction Portal in a dark forest

The Moon Portal

When his bother went missing, Randy knew where to look. Now if he could only avoid their father long enough to get there.

Colorful space ship in a nebula

Four Centuries Bold

Stealing his mother's ship for an off-world joy ride seemed like a great idea. Until her personal security forces caught up with him.

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Your prose is always well-crafted, and the imagery is solid. Well done!

Robert Dyer

I smiled, I worried, I hyperventilated for a moment, I grinned, and then I cheered. This was delightful!

April Bly

Are you ready to escape?

Flash Horizons: 11 (Free) Science Fiction Flash Stories

Through Dusty Tomes Arise
The Moth's Flute
Spinning Pale-Faced in a Drum of Stars
The Nihilist Cap
The Jade Window
The Periwinkle Oddity
Candy Apple Crazy
The Moon Portal
Four Centuries Bold
Fabled Ruined Under A Ringed Sky
Broke Down Near Orbit of Darcika... Send Help

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